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The price of the deposit for one-way packaging under the system will be approved by the Minister of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania for a period of at least one year. As of October 2015, the approved value for the packaging deposit is 10 euro cents.


The deposit is applicable to the following types of one-way packaging:

  • glass (except fruit wine, fruit-wine-based drinks and fruit-wine cocktails in one-way glass packaging);
  • PET;
  • metal.

The deposit is applicable to one-way packaging for the following beverages:

beer, beer cocktails, cider, perry, fruit wine, fruit-wine cocktails, other fermented drinks, alcoholic cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages (soft drinks, table water, kvass), natural mineral water, spring water, bottled drinking water, juices and nectar.

A deposit will not be charged if:

  • the products are sold to keepers or users of air, water, road and railway vehicles under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Lithuania for the international carriage of passengers, and the beverages are intended for sale and/or consumption by passengers of such vehicles;
  • the products are intended for transportation or export beyond the territory of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • the volume of the one-way packaging is less than a tenth of a litre, or equal to or more than 3 litres;
  • the products comprise fruit wine, fruit-wine-based drinks or fruit-wine cocktails contained in one-way glass packaging.