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Manual collection locations

If the store collects less than 60 thousand units of beverage packaging participating in the deposit system, the packaging is then accepted not by the reverse vending machine but by the store staff. Packaging must be clean, marked with the deposit system mark, labels and a bar code must be undamaged and retain their original shape. At the point of manual collection, the deposit will be refunded in cash or you can use it to pay for the goods. 

Currently, more than 1.6 thousand manual collection points operate in Lithuania. The exact locations of the manual collection points can be found on the interactive map.

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    Reverse vending machines

  • 1
    Put the packaging with the deposit mark in the reverse vending machine (RVM)
  • 2
    Follow the instructions on the RVM’s display panel
  • 3
    After depositing all your packaging, press the button and recover your receipt
  • 4
    Take your receipt to the cash desk to receive your refund. You can use the receipt to pay for goods purchased in the shop