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System Funding 


According to the principle of producer responsibility, producers and importers of beverages in the country have an obligation to take care of and fund the disposal of one-way packaging placed on the market. USAD is a non-profit organisation dedicated to fulfilling this obligation for beverage manufacturers and importers.

USAD receives revenue from 3 sources:

  • subsidies for beverage producers and importers,
  • secondary raw materials sold,
  • not withdrawn deposit.

Subsidies from manufacturers and importers are the main source of funding, accounting for about 50% of total revenue.

Revenue from the collection, preparation and sale of secondary raw materials comprises about 30% of the total USAD revenue.

At the end of the financial year, part of the deposit for unreturned packaging is recognised as income from the non-return of the deposit. Every year it comprises about 20% of total revenue.