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Reverse Vending Machines (RVM) 

The Republic of Lithuania Law on Packaging and Packaging Waste incorporates an obligation for the deposit-system administrator to provide reverse vending machines to retailers.

The deposit-system administrator shall provide means for the receipt of packaging waste to retailers (including means of ensuring the automatic receipt (without human interference) of packaging waste and deposit refunds), selected regarding the trading area of a shop and the quantity of packaging waste it collects.

The administrator of the deposit system for one-way packaging shall ensure the repair and technical maintenance of the automatic means of receipt of the packaging waste at their own cost, or shall provide compensation for the cost for repair and technical maintenance incurred by retailers in relation to their purchased and/or rented automated means of receipt of the packaging waste, which conform to the technical requirements established by the administrator of the deposit system for one-way packaging.

To fulfil this obligation, we gather information and applications regarding requests for reverse vending machines. It is a permanently open submission of applications.


Download documents for applications here:

Application Form

Data Filling Form