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Metal Packaging

What are the types of metal packaging?

There are two types of metal disposable beverage packaging accepted by the deposit system administrator: steel and aluminium packaging. Aluminium cans are a more popular choice of beverage manufacturers – there are hundreds of times more aluminium cans than steel cans collected and recycled every year.

Can metal cans be recycled?

Both aluminium and steel cans can be recycled an unlimited number of times. Recycling of metal packaging reduces CO2 emissions and saves up to 20 times more energy compared to the production of metal packaging from primary raw materials.

A metal can delivered for recycling can be returned to the store shelf in just 60 days.

More than 220 million metal packaging units are collected and recycled in Lithuania every year. Thanks to public awareness, these results are improving every year.

What is the history of aluminium cans ?

Aluminium, which is widely used today, was first extracted at the beginning of the 19th century. For almost a century, this material was considered extremely valuable – equivalent to gold or silver.

The first aluminium can was created in the middle of the last century, in 1958. A few decades later, the first aluminium can processing plant in Europe opened its doors. There are currently as many as 220 aluminium plants on our continent, with Europe taking a leading position in this field.

Metal Packaging
Currently returned metal packaging
Returned packaging allowed to avoid
236,748 tons CO2

Package journey

Interesting facts:

  1. It takes 80-100 years for aluminium packaging to decompose naturally.
  2. Aluminium processing requires only 5% of energy consumed in production from primary raw materials.
  3. Recycling of steel cans allows to save about 60-74% of energy.
  4. Aluminium cans are lighter and more compact in shape, allowing transporting twice as much liquid in one truck as in plastic or glass bottles. This reduces costs and the environmental impact of transport.
  5. Metal packaging collected and forwarded for recycling in Lithuania every year allows to save as much energy as that consumed in total by all residents of the Vilnius District Municipality.
  6. In Europe alone, the annual emission reductions from aluminium recycling are equivalent to the emissions produced by a large passenger plane flying 46,000 times around the globe.