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Užstato sistemos administratorius

The public institution Užstato Sistemos Administratorius manages the entire deposit system, starting with collection of the packaging waste and ending with it being recycled.
Our goal is a system that operates efficiently and is convenient for all participants.

The public institution Užstato Sistemos Administratorius is a non-profit organisation that has an underlying objective of managing the deposit system as indicated in the Law on Packaging and Packaging Waste.

Founding members:

The founding members of Užstato Sistemos Administratorius release more than 80% of the packaging covered by the deposit system to the market.

Užstato sistemos administratorius
  • +370 5 203 12 10
  • info@usad.lt
  • Lentvario g.22, LT-02300, Vilnius

Registration number: 303370260
VAT number: LT100008806612

For manufacturers and importers on issues relating to contracts and labelling

Sales manager
Gražina Anusauskienė

  • +370 5 203 16 36
  • +370 686 64478
  • grazina.anusauskiene@usad.lt
For sellers on issues relating to collection contracts, reverse vending machines and packaging measures

Client service manager
Kristina Sirotkienė

  • +370 5 203 27 51
  • +370 687 20481
  • kristina.sirotkiene@usad.lt