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About the system

Return the packaging with a printed deposit mark and receive a 10-euro-cent refund.



Is this packaging part of the system? Check the barcode
Is this packaging part of the system?
The package is not part of the system.
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Pakuotė yra tinkama grąžinimui.
The package is not part of the system.
The package is not part of the system.

The system covers metal, glass and plastic beverage packaging that bears the appropriate deposit mark.

Returned packaging must be empty, with its original shape maintained, its labels undamaged and the barcode clearly visible.

In order to verify whether the one-way packaging is part of the deposit system and can be returned to the reverse vending machine, enter the barcode on the packaging.

Information on the types of one-way packaging managed by the public institution Užstato Sistemos Administratorius (Deposit System Administrator) can be downloaded here.

Return process

Packaging can be returned throughout most of Lithuania, with this option available in shops with an area of more than 300 square metres or village shops. In most places, the packaging is returned using reverse vending machines.

If a shop does not have a reverse vending machine but is part of the deposit system, the packaging can be returned at the till, where the deposit will also be refunded.

Why return clean packages?

Returned packages should be completely empty, ideally, rinsed with water. It is much more enjoyable to return clean packages as they do not produce unpleasant odor, especially if collected at home, and do not attract parasites. Moreover, returning clean bottles and cans into reverse-vending machines or at manual collection points, reduces odor emitted by remnants of beverages. In this way returning packages becomes more pleasant for everyone.

How does the reverse vending machine (RVM) work?

Put the packaging with the

deposit mark in the RVM.


Follow the instructions on

the RVM’s display panel.


After depositing all your packaging, press

the button and recover your receipt.


Take your receipt to the cash

desk to receive your refund.

You can use the receipt

to pay for goods purchased

in the shop.

Where can I return the packaging?

Returning manually

Reverse vending machines
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